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Tuesday 17 March 2020


Mackies Coaches as a responsible employer is committed to preventing the spread of the corona virus.

We recognise that our customers may be worried about the impact of Coronavirus and our ability to operate as usual.

Currently we are operating as normal and we have implemented a business continuity plan specifically to deal with Coronavirus. The purpose of this plan is to maintain our services to our contract customers’ and our paying passengers as well as our private clients.

In terms of controlling the infection we have prepared guidance for all our staff including drivers, office staff, cleaners and mechanics. This includes guidance to all colleagues on personal health protection and actions that will be taken within the Company to minimise the risk of the disease. We have distributed personal hand sanitisers  to all staff and sanitising and/ or anti- bacterial wipes and sprays for everyone to use whether in a vehicle or office. Anti -bacterial soap has also been distributed. All our vehicles are being cleaned very thoroughly using antibacterial disinfectants and sanitisers. We would advise our customers to follow Government advice on hand hygiene and other ways to help minimise the spread of the disease.

As regards a potential threat to the continuity of our business from a Coronavirus outbreak we have, as far as is reasonably practicable,  minimised the impact of any such eventuality.

If as a customer you find that you have to cancel a booked trip please phone our office during working hours Monday – Friday  8am – 5pm, Saturday 8am – 11am

We have reviewed our order of management and substitutes to ensure continuity and prioritised the services we will offer in the case of severe skilled staff shortages.

There is no threat to our current operations and we have taken all necessary steps at this stage to mitigate the impact on our business and therefore the impact on yours. We will continue to monitor developments closely and check, modify and update our plans in accordance with the advice from our Trade Association (CPT) and the  Government. Our aim is to ensure our Service Bus passengers can still travel to their work or to shop etc, and that our  contract clients can still travel to their place of business. We also hope that our Private Hire Clients continue to travel with us too.

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